This is long overdue to the website and Patriot Labs community but we are here now, and that’s what matters. Something I had in mind when starting this company was to put out content, fun workouts, and a look into shit that isn’t talked about all of the time. So, let’s start at the beginning.

Finding a name came easy to me. I wanted something that shows patriotism and that is non-inclusive. I chose Labs at the end in order to leave room for making new products or expanding sometime in the future. Imagine the scientist brainstorming.  Patriot Labs is an LLC and Registered Trademark to me so the future is endless.

I founded Patriot Labs in 2016 for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, I was tired of spending my money on other people’s product, not knowing what I was getting or who was making them. I know exactly where my shirts come from, who prints them and they come directly to me, not a warehouse. In addition to that, I wanted my own designs that I thought were cool and represented the American way of life. My apparel also shows patriotism, which I think is a bold statement in todays political climate. (That will be a future blog/rant)

I have been serving the country most of my adult life in different capacities, to include the Army for over 8 years, teaching to the military as a civilian and contracting overseas. Feeling the deep dedication to duty is something I love and believe will be hard to give up (another future post).  Patriot Labs is something I do on the side, possibly full time in the future.

My goal is to post blogs once a week or so. There will be some guest writers coming in to add to the conversation and I look forward to their input. Thank you for reading and this is just the beginning.


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